Officers & Key Contacts of the Lodge

There are many members involved with the organisation of the Lodge. Each office has a unique role to playin the Lodge, some ceremonial and some administrative. Here is a list of our officers.

  • Worshipful Master - W Bro. Bob Goodwin PPJGD

    W Bro. Bob is Master of the Lodge. It is his role to guide and direct the members throughout his year in office. Bob is a driver by trade and is from the Medway towns.

  • Secretary - W Bro. Howard Griffin ProvGStwd

    W Bro. Howard Griffin joined the Lodge in 2008 as part of the Universties Scheme. He works at the University of Kent in the School of Architecture. Howard's role in the Lodge is administrative, and he organises the meetings, applications and other communications.

  • Treasurer - Bro. Eric Rhodes-Molden

    Bro. Eric joined the Lodge in 2008 having retired from working in Higher Education at the UCA (then KIAD). Bro. Eric takes on the role of Treasurer for the first time this year.

  • Charity Steward - W Bro. Peter Weber LGR

    W Bro. Peter has been Charity Steward since 2012 and it is his responsibility to
    co-ordinate the raising and dispersal of funds for charity.

  • Almoner - W Bro. Ken Price PPGSwdB

    W.Bro. Ken has been the Almoner of the Lodge for over 13 years. It is his role to ensure that members of Lodge and their families are being cared for when ill or fallen on hard times.

  • Immediate Past Master - W Bro. Peter Martin PPDepGSuptWks

    W Bro. Peter has been a member of the Lodge since 1990 and has already been Master of the Lodge in 1998. He also spent a number of successful years as Charity Steward.

  • Senior Warden -W Bro. Peter Jenkins PPJGD

    W Bro. Peter joined the Lodge recently, having been caterer for all the Canterbury Lodges, Chapters and other orders for many years. Peter is now deservedly enjoying his retirement.

  • Junior Warden - Bro. Milan Antonijevic

    Bro. Milan, originally from Serbia, is a lecturer at the Unviersity of Greenwich. He joined the Lodge in 2010 as part of the Universities Scheme..

  • Chaplain - W Bro. Peter Fairweather PPAGReg

    W Bro. Peter is a retired Head of the Business School at Christ Church University. A keen supporter of the Universities Scheme, Peter puts his many years of experience of Higher Education into good use throughout the Lodge.

  • Director of Ceremonies - W Bro. Jim Flower PAGDC PPGReg

    W.Bro. Jim has been a member of the Lodge since 1979 and has been instrumental in developing the Universities Scheme for the city and province.
  • Lodge Mentor - W Bro. Jim Flower PAGDC PPGReg

    As well as being the Director of Ceremonies, Jim Flower has long been the mentor of the Lodge, ensuring the inclusivity of new members.

  • Senior Deacon - Bro. Robertto Papara

    Bro. Robertto, originally from Romania, works in computing.

  • Junior Deacon - Bro. David Falconer

    Bro. Dave has been a member of the Lodge since 1988. Despite having been a member of the Lodge for many years, it is only recently that Dave has decided to progress through the offices of the Lodge.

  • Assistant Director of Ceremonies - W Bro. Harold Barnes PPGSwdB

    'Barney' is a relatively new member of the Lodge having joined in 2014, but has been a Freemason for may more years. As Assistant Director of Ceremonies, it is Barney's role to provide guidance and support for the younger members.

  • Assistant Secretary - Bro. Joseph Parker

    Bro. Joseph is a recent graduate of the Canterbury Christ Church University.

  • Inner Guard - Bro. Steven Flower

    Bro. Steven joined the Lodge in 2013 and owns a hair salon in Canterbury.

  • Senior Steward - Bro. Joseph Parker

    As Senior Steward, Joseph is responsible for ensuring that members, and guests and visitors in particular, are properly looked after. He is ably supported by a team of Stewards listed below.

  • Steward - Bro. Sam Clews

    Bro. Sam is a student at the University of Kent.

  • Steward - Bro. Eudu De Oliveira

    Bro. Eudu, originally from Brazil, is a Hair Stylist running his own business in Canterbury.

  • Steward - Bro. Ian Thomas

    Bro. Ian is an IT consultant living in Whitstable.

  • Steward - Bro. Vid Calovski

    Bro. Vid is a PhD student at the University of Kent.

  • Tyler - Bro. Colin Lane

    Bro. Colin has worked in the city of Canterbury for many years, plying his trade as a hairdresser.